Sunday, May 04, 2008

Getting 'Em Locked Up Early-- The Deuce

Riiiiight, so it looks like the UW men's basketball team has its personnel set for the next half decade. That is, they have five young men coming in this summer (high school class of '08), two young men set to come in next summer (taking Krabby and Landry's scholarships), and now two more gentlemen set to become Badgers in the summer of 2010. There's the 15 year-old Madison Memorial sophomore Vander Blue (who committed early last week) and now there's fellow sophomore Evan Anderson from Eau Claire. Since that wraps up all the foreseeable scholarships from now until 2011, it looks like Bo and the staff can take a bit of a break on the recruiting front.What's also note worthy about Anderson's decision, is that even though the young man is from Eau Claire, he could have gone anywhere. He's 6'11", two and a half bills, and had schollies from Kansas, K-Tuck, us, Marquette, BC, and was drawing heavy interest from UCLA and North Carolina. When you're a sophomore, the recruiting services have really short ranking lists-- usually only about ten kids per list. Anderson is on both Rivals' and Scout's lists, fifth and tenth respectively. According to Rivals, he's the top rated center in the country for the '10 class-- at this point. Who knows what this young man will turn into and how he'll perform as a Badger, but UW wanted him badly-- he was apparently their number one priority for that class. Good stuff. This also makes UW two for two on scholarship offers for sophs. Batting a thousand!

Time for Badger basketball fans to relax and enjoy the off-season. The future is looking solid.


Randy Moss said...

fuck yeah. slamdancing in the teens.

Mr.Man said...

I don't know what that means, but I like it.