Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I will miss Koren recklessly swerving through defenders at high speeds after catching passes from Brett Favre. Alas, I am not writing to lament the dearly departed, but only to respond to Mr. Man, who wanted any other ideas as to why we would release him. Here it is: Maybe Brett was the main proponent of Koren. Maybe 2 years ago when we were thinner at WR, Brett wanted to take a flier on Koren.  To appease Brett, and with little downside, the Brass acquiesced on the condition that he met the leagues conditions and stayed clean. I recall Brett being a staunch Koren defender in the media during his appeals/reinstatement process, repeatedly, in several outlets. Brett stands by Koren, and Koren gets through it. Koren has a roster spot so they all make the best of it. Koren makes contributions to the team in 2007. Now that Brett is gone, the Brass probably gets to move on with their program and their guys. Goodbye Koren. But, it all worked out.  Brett was enlivened by the fact that the Brass were listening to him and trying to get talent, Koren stayed clean and played pretty well, and the Packers have had success on the field and done a genuine service (if he stays clean) in giving Koren an entryway back into the league. So there it is. An idea.

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Mr.Man said...

A solid theory. Thanks.
I also wonder if they wanted a temporary solution to kick returns. Last season, Blackmon was still injured and Trammon Williams hadn't shown much. Robinson had made the Pro Bowl the previous season as a KR.
Now that Williams has proven he's a solid threat, that Blackmon (fingers crossed) is healthy, and they've drafted Nelson, maybe he was expendable.