Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Moving Toward An NFL Rookie Salary Structure?

Concern over runaway top of the draft salaries is one of the reasons behind the NFL owners' decision to opt out of the collective bargaining agreement. Specifically, in the NFL's statement explaining why the owners opted out early, it said--"Also irrational is that in the current system some rookies are able to secure contracts that pay them more than top proven veterans."

Sadly, it was one of the minor points, listed toward the end of the statement. The owners' main concern seems to be that under the current agreement the players are getting too large a percentage of the league's revenue. So, the owners want more money. What else is new? They should blame themselves for agreeing to raise the salary cap so high. Maybe they projected that revenue would continue going up, and didn't forecast a downturn in the economy. (For instance, I'm sure that high gas prices will lead to fewer people traveling long distances to attend games.) Anyhoo, the whole statement is here, on Greg Bedard's blog.

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