Friday, May 02, 2008

Potted Plants and Campus Police!

Yes, these are the results of former Marquette huckster Tom Crean taking over a storied but troubled program. That is, a redshirt freshman center came into Crean's office, started shouting, a potted plant hit the floor, and Campus Security was called. After smashing potted plants and getting the cops called on him, that kid, a center named Eli Homan, will apparently not be on Indiana's basketball team next season, leaving the Hoosiers with only 5 returning scholarship players, if Armon Bassett and Jamarcus Ellis aren't allowed back. Hilarious. If you too are in the mood to point and laugh at a rival who's down, the story is here.

Uh oh. After further review, the news is even worse-- Indiana is now down to four returning starters. Bassett and Ellis are not going to be allowed back on the team, and DeAndre Thomas, the round mound of lay-up, is also not returning. This article from the Worldwide Leader outlines the damage.

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