Monday, May 12, 2008

K-Rob No Longer in Da Haus

As reported last week, the Packers released receiver Koren Robinson. I guess this move wasn't super-surprising, given that the Packers drafted Jordy Nelson and Brett Swain, and signed several more rookie wideouts to free agent contracts, and Robinson didn't do much as a receiver last season (21 catches for 241 yards and one touch), and has a balky knee. His one seriously exciting play last season was a 67 yard kickoff return where he made some nice cuts and ran away from a bunch of different guys.

What I wonder is why cut Robinson instead of Ruvell Martin? Martin's two years younger, taller, probably a better blocker, and caught more touches last season, but it seems clear that Robinson was faster and had more talent overall, plus he caught more passes last year in fewer games, bumped Martin on the depth chart, and was a return threat. I'm guessing that Robinson's knee is more messed up than previously revealed. Maybe Ted just likes Koren and want to give him a better chance to catch on with another team? (A better chance than if he was cut during training camp.) Any other theories about why Robinson didn't make it and Martin did?

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