Monday, June 23, 2008

3000 Yards

What's that distance conjure in your mind? A moderate swim workout? A three K fun run? Well, if you're Montee Ball, a young man from Wentzville, Missouri, that number's quite familiar-- it's the number of yards you gained in your last high school football season. Seriously here folks, Ball rushed for 3,077 yards and scored 32 touchdowns while playing for Timberland High School last fall. Total craziness. He also told the Wisconsin football staff recently that he'd like to accept their scholarship offer (choosing them over Kansas, Mizzou, Stanford and Northwestern), and is thus set to become a Badger in the Fall of '09. Awesome. Here's a highlight reel.

(I normally don't like to hosanna high schoolers, but that 3,000 yards factoid is just too damn impressive not to pass along.)

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Randy Moss said...

MB looks sick.
sim simma
who got the keys to-ma bimma