Sunday, June 29, 2008

Oh No! Not Marriage!

Did anyone else see this article and experience a feeling of dread? Not to besmirch or mock Mike McCarthy's personal happiness. But I really liked having a divorcee as a coach, one whose teenage daughter was several states and many degrees of latitude away. That way you knew that McCarthy had nothing else going on besides the Packers. You knew he was going to slave away, work all day, and then bolt out of bed in the middle of the night to jot down an original offensive-play call. Hell, last season verified this theory, as McCarthy rolled out a bunch of bizarre formations. Remember the five receiver shotgun spread, the two-fullback inverse wishbone formation, and the occasional tight end lining up in the backfield? It's these sort of unique ideas you're going to get when a guy's life is his job. Sure, he'd probably burn out in a few years, but no one coaches forever.

Alas, now McCarthy's happily married (uh oh), has two grade-school-age stepsons that will live with him (further trouble), and his new bride is preggers, expecting a baby in the middle of next season (Oh, crap). Distraction city, my friends. Beware, beware. This may be cold-hearted and cynical, but I would not be surprised to see McCarthy's "coaching performance," however that might be judged, drop off some this next season. Which is a shame, since with Favre gone, we'll need him even to be on top of his game more than ever.

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Randy Moss said...

i agree andy. we cant have our football nerd robot running off and trying to be a real human. lets get to the wedding. you shit in the punch and i'll punch the priest.