Monday, June 30, 2008

The Bucks GM

Whoa, so the the party line is that the Bucks GM is an idiot because he didn't draft Brian Butch? I hate to be the bad soldier here but, hwaaaa?

It's pretty clear that Larry Harris, the departed GM, was an idiot. That became painfully obvious when we miraculously won the lottery 3 years ago. Mr. Harris looked like he had cheated his way through med school and was now being asked to perform surgery on a real person. That was an awkward time for us Bucks fans. Then he drafted an Australian with the No. 1 pick instead of Chris Paul or Deron Williams. Whoops. He also ridiculously overpaid for Booby Simmons and then he drafted some dorky Chinese stiff last year.

The new GM? He unloads 2 stiffs, including the commie who acted like he was to good for WI. And not just unload, we got Richard "flying through the air" Jefferson in return. We got the Dollar for two quarters. It's true the Nets did this for Lebron cap money in 2010, but who gives a deerdropping? We got Richard Jefferson for 2 bums. Then Mr. Hammond, the guy sitting at the desk now, drafts a freakish white guy from WV who can score the ball. Good move there too.

Lastly, the Bucks were terrible at defense last year, and we know defense wins championships. So we bring in Skiles and need some defenders. That ain't Butch. M'bah can play defense and his dad is the king of some part of Africa. A part not awesome enough to want to stay as the crown prince, but a part nonethelesss. So I'm happy with this move as well.

The Bucks GM has my vote of confidence. Go Mr. Hammond. We now have a starting 5 of Bogut, Villanueva, Jefferson, Redd and Mo better. Then Alexander, the freakish white, DesMason and Charlie Bell rounding out our top 8? Not terrible. Well, not as terrible as last year.

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Papa Sal said...

Clearly you have analyzed this situation much more than I have, and I truly give a rats ass about the Milwaukee Does (I'm pretty sure that should be the next WNBA team). My analysis of the situation, which was based on the thought that we still had old/retarded GM and Yi, was that his pick was terrible. So if you are going to make a terrible pick, go with the terrible local rather than the terrible Bruin.

I officially defer to your much more thoughtful analysis, and will continue to ignore all things Milwaukee basketball until they make the playoffs again, and then I will refer to them as the Bucks once more.