Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Almost Too Obvious

Posting this story, about the Packers Xth string running back Noah Herron (Grant, Jackson, Wynn, Morency, then Herron? What's that? 5th?) seems almost like too much of a gimme. What'd he do? Oh, he unscrewed a post from his bed, and used it to attack a pair of guys that were breaking into his house. Obviously, that rules. Way to go, Noah. Rough justice on those fools.

What's funny is thinking about this from the criminals' perspective. Did they know that it was Herron's house they were breaking into? If so, what were they thinking? Who in their right mind would want to break into the home of any NFL running back? Those guys have got to be some of the strongest, fittest, physically tough gentlemen on the planet. Hell, former Packer running back Herbert "Whisper" Goodman is now a successful mixed martial arts "heavy weight gladiator" and he was barely able to earn any playing time. That's how bad ass these guys are. Plus, you know if you break into a Packer's house in Green Bay the heat is going to come down on you in a serious way. The community revers and protects those guys. Locals know that new players are nervous about living in a small, overwhelmingly white city. They want the players to feel comfortable and unthreatened, and thus local law enforcement must be very protective of Packers who are victims of crime. Finally, after the Sean Taylor home invasion/tragedy last season, you have to expect that NFL players will be especially vigilant about protecting their homes these days.

Given that, it's hard to think that these guys knew Herron lived there. So you can only imagine what their response was when a heavily tattooed, totally jacked African-American male jumped at out of the darkness and started wailing on them with a bed post--- utter panic. Hilarious. Kudos to Herron.


Randy Moss said...

4 days and counting in the hospital. rough justice.

Papa Sal said...

And here I thought 4-posters were for decoration.

Mr.Man said...

"And on your left we have a lovely, handcrafted poster bed. The posts are decorative, and can be used for home self-defense."