Friday, June 27, 2008

Why is Butch not a Buck?

The Milwaukee Bucks have an idiot for a GM. If you're going to pick somebody as crappy as Luc-Richard Mbah a Moute, why don't you pick Brian Butch? He can score better than West African Guy with Way to Long of a Name, he is a homer, neither one would really be playing anyway. That pick just make no sense to me. I'm sure there were a ton of guys on the board better than Butch and L-R, so if you are going to draft somebody less talented, draft the guy from Wisconsin.

Oh, and what the hell are they going to do with another PF. Seriously, that guy needs to be fired.


Randy Moss said...

not a fan of LRMaM.

but i am done rooting for brian butch.

Mr.Man said...

Wiggidy what what? You crazy, paw-paw. Hammond (A) has been on the job for what, two months? (B) Has already done the team a colossal favor by trading creampuff Yi(!) and Bobby Simmons and his colossal and essentially worthless contract to the Nets for a legitimate small forward in Richard Jefferson.

Seriously, trading Simmons was a salary dump, and getting anything good in return is excellent, making getting a player who is a possible All-Star fantastic. Also, Yi didn't show crap last year, the team had him signed for only 2 more seasons, and the word was he was going to leave as soon as that deal expired.

I also like the Joe Alexander drafting. That kid whupped up on Duke. LRMaM is not a good offensive player. But he does have a 7 plus foot wingspan, and if the Bucks are going to let Villaneuva play offense, they'll need a forward who can play defense.

Also, everyone passed on Butch not just the Bucks, and Milwaukee is divided between Marquette and Badger fans. Butch had among the worst verticals of any player in the pre-draft camps, which is not surprising. He probably just isn't athletic enough to play in the league, Sallie-minder.

Also, after Indiana this year, I will never be done rooting for Butch.

Randy Moss said...

i'm still pissed about the tantrum he threw after he sprained his ankle @ purdue in 07'.
then he came back. fuck that. go away. steimsma was my guy. steimsma was the future.