Sunday, August 03, 2008

5 Things To Be Glad About

1. With Favre now reinstated and reporting, this whole thing is going to end soon, one way or another. I really hope that the Packers relationship with Favre isn't damaged irreparably.

2. Ryan Grant has signed his deal and is due to report to camp today. As the wise Mr. Man predicted, he signed a heavily incentive-laden deal. He also gets a big chunk this year, which it sounds like was the sticking point from the beginning. It seems to me that he wanted to be compensated for his performance last year, which is fair enough. Congrats Ryan, and may you continue to run fools over this year.

3. Javon Walker did not quit football. I know that there has been some animosity between Walker and Packers fans, but he is a decent enough guy and has had about the worst 2 year stretch that anyone could have and still be alive. After a New Years Eve loss to the 49ers that cost the Broncos a playoff berth, Walker had to watch his best friend on the Broncos die in his arms after being shot in their limo after a New Years Party. Then, he injured his knee again and had an incredibly disappointing season. This off-season he was found unconcious in an alley in Las Vegas after being abducted and beated senseless. He almost walked away from football and offered to return $11 million of signing bonus. Al Davis talked him out of it, and he is in camp. I don't usually have a lot of space for a) people who whine there way off my favorite team, or b) Oakland Raiders in general, but I hope the best for Javon. Nobody deserves to go through what he has.

4. The Badgers are not in the top 10. Why is this good? It means they don't have inflated expectations from everyone else, and thus can be driven from within by motivation rather than via external pressure to meet expectations.

5. Chocolate Chip Cookies.


Mr.Man said...

Badgers' training camp begins today, though sadly the media are barred for the first time ever. Let the discussions begin!

OutOfTheBlue said...

sorry papa sal.
from what i hear, javon walker had williams die in his arms after he was "poppin bottles of bub" at the club and spraying their dehydrating contents all over the crowd...which included real OGs.
then, (and i've SEEN photos of this) he did the same thing in vegas 6 months after his friend's death...this time, spraying down pretty boy mayweather's crew...who purportedly then made him bite a curb and followed up with a lullaby.