Monday, August 11, 2008

If you are a Brett Favre fan

This whole thing is kind of great. The Jets are a classic NFL franchise. Better than all but the Pack and the Niners. And the Jaguars.
Also, piddly little deals like these cannot even begin to compare to the revenue storm that hurricane farbara is whipping up over the league's largest market.
He's going to cru$h. It'll be fun for a season. maybe two. Vern Coles will start in the pro-bowl and Jet fans will carry on with the incredibly gratifying tradition of watching Favre every week, with ferocity and numbers.
All we can do is watch it and hope that Aaron Rodgers finishes the season on the field. Which if he does, should be pretty distracting. So thinks TT. And me.
Of all people to turn this situation into a good one, it's Favre.
Who knows, maybe you don't have to win a championship to end your career gracefully. Maybe all you gotta do is move to NY and be bigger than the team from there that just won the superbowl. I mean jesus christ. I haven't even seen a clip of the nerd that beat Favre in the NFC Championship game since february. You know, the good Manning. Where's he? Maybe Favre sent him for beer on a 3-wheeler. Have you seen the press-conference where Favre gave a hickey to an intern from the post and the guy in the fireman's helmet chanted, "LE-ON WASH-ING-TON"? Its a party out there.
This move is gorgeous.
For now.
But the interceptions he'll throw this year will be priceless. Almost intentional. That's what I worry about. I don't know if jet fans will be able to process the blatant excitement that Favre gets from, maybe throwing it to the other team (gunslinging). But he'll make up for it by burying the dolphins twice.
He's obviously excited about the prospects. I think its gonna be great. I'll watch as many Jets games as I can. Eagerly. Which is depressing- but not for Favre and that's my point. Even if this ends badly he's going to leave with a trillion and he's just gonna be that much more famous for being the most likeable and undeniably dopest player at his position in the history of the league. He SHOULD have a party while he can still throw a ball 70 yards, and if he wont do it in Green Bay, then NY NY. It's perfect in a way.
Maybe people will forget about how unclutch he was in the second half of his career. Unless they make the playoffs- which is the best case scenario for us, not only because of the draft pick we get, but because he'll get dominated by some outstanding AFC defense and everyone in Green Bay will for a second, stop pissing about how, 'we never go deep anymore'.

Plus the team loves him. Its a perfect lockerroom for him to walk into. Bubba Franks already knows the country stations, and this is what Jerricho Cotchery had to say after their pre-season game in Cleveland, "He's gonna sleep at my house... I love me some B-Favre".
He's B-Favre now.
Gotta let Favre B-Favre.
They love him out there.


Mr.Man said...

Have you seen the Youtube video of him and Mangolg running a punishment lap after fumbling a snap? Here--
The crowd freaks out. It's hilarious.

Randy Moss said...

why does he look like a 6 year old in his first set of shoulder pads?
do the jets not have an equipment manager?
is he wearing vinnie testaverde's gear?

Randy Moss said...