Saturday, August 23, 2008

Packers-Broncos Preseason Final Thoughts

Here it is, Larry King style.

- The Packers clearly have the best third-string middle linebacker in the NFL. (Yes!) Take that, Patriots.

- Brian Brohm looks atrocious. Not sure if it's because he's playing with a motley bunch of back-ups that never practice together or what. But boy, he looks awful. I hope the scouting staff is keeping a very close eye on the Buccaneers' back-ups. I will be really, really surprised if the team doesn't cut Flynn, try to stash him on the practice squad, and sign a veteran back-up.

- Why does Jordy Nelson get so few passes? If he's in the game, throw him the ball, see what he can do. I guess this is indicative of my general feeling toward the back halves of all preseason games-- I'm irritated when guys who are obviously getting cut get too much time/attention. For instance, it's irritating to me that Hodge and Bishop (both of whom appear to be very solid MLB back-ups) don't play at the same time, and instead the staff puts that free agent from UConn, the guy who drew a terrible late hit foul, out there. What's the point? Why not see if either Bishop or Hodge can play outside linebacker?

- Rookie DE Jeremy Thompson is really, really uninstinctive. On one play he had his guy beat to the outside, then cut back inside, right into his blocker, negating any advantage he had. On another, he ran right past a bootlegging quarterback. Ugh. The defensive line depth is looking poor. Jason Hunter seems to be one of those "looks good in the 2nd half of preseason games, and disappears against starters" guys. I kind of wish we could cut him, but we need bodies. The back-up defensive tackles behind Jolly and Cole just got shoved around. I wonder if Favre hadn't retired, if the Brohm pick would have gone for a d-lineman. Pickett and Harrell should move into AJ Hawk's hyperbaric chamber.

- Brandon Jackson is excellent at using, umm, his unique stature, to avoid tackles. That's twice in three games now he's ducked underneath shoulder height tackle attempts and run for solid gains.

- Looking at the back-up O-line, Barbe continues to be a very good run-blocker. Still not sure why Colledge is ahead of him. It must be mental mistakes. The other Thompson brother, Orrin, looked quite poor. He's outta here, likely on the first cut. Coston should be too, though that will probably depend on Wells's health, since he's the 3rd string center. And what happened to the Brazilian by way of Massachusetts guy, this year's fifth round draft pick, Breno Giacomini? Did he get hurt or something? He looked like a long-term Tauscher replacement, and he got zero snaps this game.

- It was good to win, I guess, but I would be feeling far better about this game had the Packers starters been able to run a little bit better, and if the defense had forced a punt or two in the first half.

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