Thursday, April 26, 2007

Deeper Conversations via Text Message

See this. Specifically, see Tom Crean, sleazy coach of the Marquette Gold men's basketball team, make the totally inane comment that text messaging recruits is a way to "get past the standard recruiting lines and into deeper conversations." What?! How in the eff do you have "deeper conversations" via text message? They take forever to type, and are limited to a certain number of characters. Is "how r U?" a deeper conversation in Tom Crean-land? Is this why Marquette players don't improve and can't play organized offense? Because their coach is too busy text messaging their replacements?

Anyhow, here's what I imagine Crean's "deep conversations" look like:
Ur gr8 @ bball!
come 2 MU!
free beer! Lots!
No football here!
Bball only!
D-Wade played 4 MU!
U like D-Wade? D-wade calls me!
Evree week!

What a jackass.

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