Thursday, April 19, 2007

Several Things

First, Mickey Turner, a sophomore tight end for the Badgers who hails from Missouri knows what the word "aesthetics" means. This means our team is smarter than your team. Suck it, Trebek.

Second, Joe Thomas recently gave this ridiculous interview to this ridiculous interviewer. In it, further proof of his non-idiocy emerges. Specifically, he states that he's going to take his signing bonus and put it "right into the bank" because he's not "into material things or other depreciating assets." Dude, our All-American left tackle is so not going to appear on some sports-based version of "Behind the Music" moaning about his third bankruptcy. (An aside--how awesome would some sort of celebrity bankruptcy program like that be? Maybe for athletes, actors and musicians? As of like a year ago, wasn't Screech from Saved By The Bell living in Port Washington, WI and tottering on the verge of bankruptcy? There's your first profile. (I'm not touching the porn video.) With the ridiculous amount of credit card debt that Americans are living with these days, I believe society is crying out for this type of a show. Sort of an inverse "Cribs", if you will.) Also, Thomas can properly use the term "depreciating" in a coversation. Once again, our team is smarter than your team.

Third, am I the only one who thinks UW's ACC/Big Ten Challenge match-up stinks? We play at Duke next fall. Hmmm . . . why in the hell did we play mediocre Florida State at home last season when everyone knew that we were going to be a very strong team? How many college basketball fans even know that FSU is in the ACC? If we couldn't play Duke or UNC, why didn't we at least play Georgia Tech or Maryland? And now that we've lost more than half of our scoring, and perhaps the best player in school history, we get to go play AT Duke? I know Duke lost its large white guy, McRoberts (aka, McChin-nuts), but they have a bunch of very talented young guys that should be much better next season. Here I'm talking about John Scheyer (Illinois' Mr. Basketball from a year ago) and the nose-breaker, Gerald Henderson, who looks like a non-moronic Corey Maggette. Plus, Duke has another top ten recruiting class coming in. Now, I think the Badgers will be under-rated next season, and I can see the team jelling as the season progresses and making some serious noise by the end. But at Duke early in the season? That is not a game we can win. The chances of it simply being competitive aren't all that good. Who decides on these match-ups? Are they trying to get us embarrassed on national television? This is under protest.

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Billy Brackets IV said...

badgers - money line (+5 1/2).