Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wooo Hooo!

It appears that Oden the All-Father and Conley Jr. and Daequan Cook are all entering the NBA draft. Oden is gone forever and Conley will stay in if he's picked in the lottery (which is likely), but Daequan is dabbling and could come back. Regardless, this rules. Now I know that I've complained about Ohio A&M's recruiting class for next year, but the possibility of hitting on two guys as good as Conley and Oden two years in a row are slim. Their chances of repeating as Big Ten champs are now middling (especially if Cook leaves), and they are no longer a serious national championship or Final Four threat. This development should make the Big Ten far more interesting next basketball season.
Consider: Ohio A&M will be returning only one starter-- the guard, Jamar Butler-- because Ron Lewis and Ivan Harris have used up their eligibility. Right now, their starters would be Butler, David Lighty, Matt Terwilliger, Othello Hunter, and some other guy no one's heard of. That's a serious drop-off. North Carolina is going to pummel them in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge, especially if Brandan Wright doesn't leave.

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