Saturday, April 28, 2007

This Morning's Advance Word

First, the Randy Moss deal. Whoa. Would this be crazy, or what? A fourth round draft pick sounds like a good deal. Especially if Moss is running the insanely fast times mentioned here. What a wild day it could be.

Second, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel writer Bob McGinn, who is constantly talking to scouts around the league, seems to believe Meachem, the Tennessee wideout, is a likely pick over Lynch at 16. He also mentioned the strong possibility of Lynch being the pick of the Bills at 12. McGinn also hears that the Packers have targeted Ohio A&M runner Antonio Pittman as a likely second round selection if he's available. (If you have a Packer Insider subscription, go here.) Although I still am rooting for some defensive picks early, Meachem is my favorite of the potentially available wideouts-- big, fast, very productive last season, and talented.

Looks to be a fun day. I determined a year or two ago that the best way to watch the draft is by occasionally looking at the TV while at the gym, because it's just not interesting enough to sit at home and watch. So I'm going to head to the weight room to get swoll right around 11. You stay classy.

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