Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Rich Get Richer . . . And More Desperate

Well, Randy Moss was traded. To New England, for a fourth round draft pick. That stinks. Apparently he didn't want to come to Green Bay, knowing that Brett was going to retire in a year. And from a player's perspective, if you're already absurdly rich, you don't have much time left, and you just want to win, I can totally see it. But I'm still irritated. The Packers really needed a potentially dominant offensive player and none of the guys we've drafted look like they'll blossom into anything but solid pros. And it's not like New England hadn't already upgraded their receiving corps this offseason--signing Stallworth, Welker, and Washington. I guess success attracts talent. This is like Gary Payton signing with the Lakers after their third straight Shaq and Kobe title. Well, enjoy it while it lasts, New England. When Brady retires, you guys are going slip back to mediocrity with the rest of us, and no one's going to want you.

An aside--doesn't it seem like New England's getting more desperate? Is Belichick going to retire soon or something? First, they draft some Miami punk who's televised stomping on opposing players. Then they trade for Moss--potentially the laziest big talent in the league. Don't these guys seem like anti-Belichicks? Why would he even put up with this stuff if he wasn't getting desperate to win another Super Bowl?

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