Monday, August 27, 2007

Cooper's Gone for Good

At least according to Bielema. He said that"indefinitely" really meant "will not be back with the team." That's a serious bummer. And apparently it wasn't academic problems, but rather some "incident" that happened in practice. I'm not sure what you could do in practice that would get you thrown off the team completely. Talking back to coaches? Fighting? Cooper was probably on pretty thin ice to begin with. I guess the Badgers got through last season without him. Hopefully, UW can get through this season as well.

Sadly, fifth year senior and special teams standout James Komoku also will be out for the rest of his career. One of the few Hawaiians on the team, James tore his Achilles tendon. His injury is a substantial loss for our special teams, particularly the coverage units. Enjoy the rest of your time at Wisconsin and good luck, James.

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