Monday, August 20, 2007

Don't Ever Go to Morgantown

A few years back, I, the Pops, the elder fool and his compatriot Court all went to see UW's season opener at West Virginia, in the bizarre "city" known as Morgantown. The game was contentious, but UW won, and we got to enjoy Lee Evan's reemergence after sitting out the previous season with a knee injury. But before the game, we got pelted with eggs and ice by drunken students, and when we struck up a conversation with a few less threatening folks, some WVU booster dropped the "N" word when referring to his own quarterback. Yeeck. Again, how these guys get recruits to come to their schools is beyond me.

And then you find things like this article-- "Two would-be West Virginia starters charged in theft." On the face of it, this is totally normal. Football players are not always the brightest bulbs, and usually aren't admitted to universities based on their character. But the article contained this bizarre tidbit: James "Thomas [one of the arrestees] is a 6-foot-2, 200-pound redshirt freshman linebacker whose father played linebacker for the Mountainers from 1994-95."
Ok. It's now 2007. According to the article, Thomas is 18. His dad played at WVU 12 years ago. So when his dad was playing at WVU, Thomas was 6 already? When did Thomas' dad get his mother pregnant? When he was twelve? This is soooo West Virginia.


Sal said...

In a related story it says that the player's mother is also his aunt.

Randy Moss said...

and his aunt was the long snapper for the mountaineers from 76-80'.