Thursday, August 16, 2007


So, because the first game was kind of lame and depressing, I'm trying to express a reduced level of excitement about the airing of the Packers next preseason game. Here's the info: Saturday's preseason Packer game against the Seattle Sea-Ospreys is scheduled to be rebroadcast on NFL Network at 11 pm this Saturday night. So for those of you not fortunate enough to live in Seattle or Wisconsin, set your Tivos and DVRs.

It sounds like the first string will actually play a decent amount, into the second quarter, so you could actually watch players that will actually be on the field during the actual season . . . actually.

Since the Pack will have to rely on defense this year, I'm going to focus on the unit's apparent weak link -- the safeties. I was hoping Aaron Rouse or Underwood would be making a move up the depth charts, and start putting some pressure on Manuel. Instead, NFL Europe and practice squad fixture Atari Bigby is getting first team reps. He looks faster than Manual, but I don't know if he'll be much of an improvement, given the way he tackled against the Steelers. That bounce off on former Illinois wideout Walter Young was embarrassing. Underwood isn't all they way back from his torn MCL/ACL surgery (ouch), and Rouse seems like he's getting ignored, although when asked, the coaching staff makes nice remarks about him. In the limited time Rouse got in the first game, I saw him make a nice explosive tackle. Keep an eye out for the big guy-- #37, Tyrone Williams' old jersey. I'm also going to follow Harrell to see if he can keep beating up other teams' third strings, and tally how many passes our tight ends drop.

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