Friday, August 24, 2007

Nice Badger Recruit Stories

I have a terrible record with Badger recruits. The two guys I've gone to see in person while they were both prep athletes (Mickey Perry and Dion Foster) were both at the bottom of the depth charts, redshirted, and then transferred. Plus they didn't play particularly well in the games I went to see. So I've now committed to staying away from prep games that involve Badger recruits. But I do feel comfortable passing stories about Badger recruits along. Today we've got two about two Badger recruits from the lovely southwest Chicago suburb of Bolingbrook. (Makes you think of Henry the Fourth, Part I, huh? Or does no one get that reference?) Here's a very moving one about a kid from Decatur (not a nice town anymore) who has basically been basically adopted by his Big Brother. And another about Bolingbrook High's starting running back, Erik Smith.
One more week until Wisco's opener. Yee haw.

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