Wednesday, August 08, 2007

So much going on...

Ah, August. I used to spend August lolling about Northeast Wisconsin with my parents and my brothers. This was a treat for many reasons, but the journalistic reward was daily access to the Milwaukee Journal's and the Green Bay Press Gazette's sports sections. Every day, these papers would have some significant tidbits on the Packers' training camp-- who was battling for positions, who was looking good, who was underperforming and so on. Also, the preseason games would be on local television, and since the papers' detailed reporting made you very aware of the bottom third of the roster, you could actually enjoy watching all of those games, not just the first quarter with the starters. Now that I'm an "adult," need an "income," are developing a "career," and thus can no longer idle away my August days in the Door peninsula, I have resigned myself to not seeing any Packer preseason games. (Come on, Will's Northwoods Inn!) But, thanks to Al Gore and the miracle of the internet, the newspaper coverage is still largely available. And since both the Packers and the Badgers are in the midst of training camp, there are a plethora of Packer and Badger football articles out there.

You could, of course, discover these on your own through the various links to the right hand side of the page. Or I could just make it easier for you. Here are some good ones:
- State Journal Columnist's Musings on the Packers' D-Line
- Chris Carter's half-brother and the other Wisconsin Safeties (I like Jay Valai)
- Attempts to replace Joe Thomas at LT
- Johnny Jolly is the next Santana?
- Blackmon as the Personal Foul's eventual replacement?
- Corey Williams playing balls out in his contract year?
- Former Sooner for Third String QB
- I bet the Florida rookie leads the team in preseason rushing

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