Friday, August 10, 2007

Woo Hoo! Packers on National TV!

Semi-meaningful football has returned! Yes! Ok, so what in the hell, am I talking about? Well, the Packers play their first pre-season game of the season on Saturday night in Pittsburgh. So there--semi-meaningful football. But wait, you say, it won't air anywhere except in Wisconsin and Western Pennsylvania, so everyone else is shit out of luck. Because that's how it always is with pre-season games. Only a few are aired nationally, and those are ones between high profile teams that people expect to be good -- a group that does not include the Packers this season. Normally, that'd be true, and expatriate Packer fans like myself would be reduced to reading about the game after that fact, but cable channel over-expansion has finally brought us something:

the NFL Network is going to replay tomorrow's Packers v. Steelers pre-season game on Sunday afternoon, at 4 pm Central.

So set your Tivos and DVRs, gentlefolks. Come Sunday afternoon, you can finally see, in person via satellite or cable, whether roommates James "Montgomery Cliff" Jones and Brandon Jackson are any good. Or whether Rodgers has turned into a legitimate NFL quarterback. Or whether the team's O-line looks any less porous. And since it's a preseason game, no one should care whether they won or lost, so no one should be all that bothered by the time delay. For the first time since publicly depantsing the half-hearted Bears on New Year's, the Packers will be back on TV! Rock!

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