Sunday, April 27, 2008

After Further Review---

Jordy Nelson rocks! Seriously, he is a perfect Packer, especially for the Thompson/McCarthy "we want guys who love football" era. Here are the factoids--
(A) Former walk-on,
(B) Grew up on a farm in Kansas,
(C) High school class of 67 kids,
(D) Dominant high school QB (first team all-state),
(E) Dominant high school basketball player (first team all-state),
(F) Dominant high school runner (state champ in 100, 200),
(G) Since went to tiny school, got no D-I offers,
(H) Turned down D-II schools to walk on at K-State, which was 30 miles away,
(I) Started as a defensive back,
(J) Shifted to receiver,
(K) Stayed through coaching change,
(L) Married childhood sweetheart before senior year,
(M) Absolutely blew up his senior year, with--
(1) 122 receptions,
(2) for 1606 yards, and
(3) 11 touchdowns, also
(4) threw for two touchdowns on trick plays, and
(5) returned two punts for touchdowns, even though he only fielded five punts,
(O) Earning him first team All-American honors,
(P) And, obviously, transforming him into a huge fan favorite,
(Q) Plus, his name is Jordy, for god's sake!

If there were a better long term replacement for double D, I can't think of one. 6'2", 220 pound, kick ass, former walk-on farm boy. If he's good, Packer fans are going to flip out over this kid. This article relays it best.


Chico said...

What does being a farmer have to do with playing for the Packers. As far as I know, there are farmers in Illinois, New York, and every other state in the union. Or do the Packers put the rookies on the grounds crew at Lambeau field?

Mr.Man said...

Dude, I doubt you've ever been to a Packer game. It has got to be the most working class/rural crowd in the NFL. Lots of folks from the country. Packer fans are going to love this kid's background.

Randy Moss said...

go to a packer game in december and count how many hunting licenses you see pinned to the back of snowsuits.
they're already selling nelson jerseys.
bill schroeder 3000.