Monday, April 28, 2008

The Dream Lives!

The awesomely balding Wisconsin punter, Ken DeBauche, has been signed as an undrafted free agent by the Packers. Kenny performed reliably as UW's punter the last few seasons, and grew up just outside of Green Bay. That is excellent, and I hope he makes the team. Not only would it further the long term goal of having as much positive overlap between the Packers and the Badgers as possible. But I would much rather have Kenny letting snaps go over his head in 50 mph Soldier Field winds than the team's current punter Jon Ryan, who couldn't handle the elements in that game and thus appears to be a faux-Canadian, not a real Canadian as claimed.

In other happy news, incoming Wisconsin basketball recruit Jordan Taylor was named Minnesota's Mr. Basketball. That's how (hopefully) it goes these days for the Badger men's basketball team. It's not just one guy, or a group of guys, it's a serious program. You lose one great guard in Michael Flowers, and another excellent player rises up to fill the gap. Rock.

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