Monday, April 21, 2008

The Bucks Will Be Decent for Two Years

The Bucks just hired Scott Skiles, former of the Bulls and the Suns, to be their head coach. Skiles has a very particular coaching pattern-- he comes in, demands discipline, team play and hard nosed defense. Players fall in line after some grumbling, and the formula generally succeeds, usually for about two seasons. Then the players get tired of passing, and tired of playing twice as hard as their opponents, and tires of Skiles hollering at them. His teams get deaf ears, lose their identity, and go down the pooper. It's typical in the NBA-- unless you're a great team with a solid chance to win the whole thing, players will not want to play hard all the time. Anyway, look for that pattern to repeat itself in Milwaukee. See for your self right here.

With the iffy talent they have on hand, I bet Skiles can get the team to around .500 next season, and then slightly over the year after. Then they'll regress, and the Bucks, unlike the Suns or the Bulls who are more accustomed to winning, will probably keep him on one season too many. Anyway, Bucks fans--prepare yourself for two years of decency.


Randy Moss said...

i like scott skiles.

Mr.Man said...

You just like his husky voice. And him throwing alley-oops to Shaq in NBA Hang Time.