Thursday, April 24, 2008

Character Player

I pay pretty close attention to the NFL draft every year. I like to know who my team is looking at for drafting. Before I make my decision about who I say I think my team should draft, I like to watch all the highlights I can find. Usually I find them on ESPN and Out of the players with the most impressive highlights and style of play in those highlights... this guy Aqib Talib from Kansas looks pretty super-dope and athletic.

Actually I want that guard from USC. His highlights looked sturdy. Or Aqib Talib. As I said before, he has the best highlights. I was only mentioning the guard from USC because our guards play football like they can only see out of one eye. But if our line isn't gonna keep us on the field ever, then I'd like to have exciting defenders like Aqib Talib to watch.


Mr.Man said...

Is he related to Talib Kweli? If the Pack drafted him, would Mos Def start coming to games at Lambeau? That would be awesome.

Seriously, most mocks have him going far before the Packers' pick, unfortunately.

Scroll down the following link, and take a look at this NFL teams beat writers mock draft. I think he goes pretty high--

Randy Moss said...

fine. guard then.

Mr.Man said...

Hey, maybe I'm wrong. Especially after reading the following--- "Talib [a]mazed some teams by how blunt he was during combine interviews, explaining that he tested positive for marijuana twice as a freshman and once as a sophomore. "You would really have to do your homework to take him," another scout said. "It just sounded like he was almost addicted to it and he kind of all of a sudden just stopped. I don't know if you can just stop like that." As a senior in high school, he did two years probation and community service after pawning a computer stolen by someone else. Scored 17 on the Wonderlic."

Addicted to mary juh-wanna? Hilarious and awesome. He'll fit right in with Al and Atari. I want this guy.

Randy Moss said...

totally want him.
the fact that the NFL even tests for marijuana is absurd. these men get hit by trucks every sunday. roided up trucks.
players get in trouble in the NFL more often for doing the drug that helps you deal with the physical stress of playing, than they do for using the drug that causes alot of that stress.
its nuts.