Wednesday, April 23, 2008

21st Century Badger and Packer Draft Busts

This article at Football Outsiders has some interesting info. It analyzes the drafts from 2000 to 2003 and tries determines which players were stars or busts. It's method is comparing the salary of the player to the average salary a player who is drafted at that slot makes in his career. The article explains it in full.

Anyhow, the list of top busts is a straight bummer for Packer/Badger fans. Check it out:
Top 20 Busts, 2000-2003
Pick Player Team Position
2 Charles Rogers Lions WR
10 Jamal Reynolds Packers DE
12 Wendell Bryant Cardinals DT
23 Rashard Anderson Panthers CB
21 Sylvester Morris Chiefs WR
29 R. Jay Soward Jaguars WR
22 Chris McIntosh Seahawks T

Poor Wendell. I have such fond memories of him. And McIntosh's career was derailed by injuries. Reynolds was just a straight bust, and the first harbinger that the Sherman as GM era was going to be problematic. Redeeming this somewhat is that KGB, Kampman and Tauscher are all rated as "Second Day Steals."

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