Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Designated Drivers

Seriously, get one. This type of crap is getting really tired. And who flees from the cops? They should show the entire UW football team the internet footage of that guy trying to steal the Krispy Kreme delivery truck from the Freedom on Old University. Madison is just not a big enough city where you're going to be able to escape from the cops.

Plus, you'd think that during some intense physical training regimine would not be the time to go out on random benders, but rather eat really well and get a lot of sleep. Just straight dumb, my friend. And he seemed like such a nice, jolly kid. He has a great smile. Sigh. Can you say undrafted? If so, you've said it all.

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Hopped Up said...

Man, that's dumb. And he's got another DUI charge in AZ he needs to travel out of town to defend? He'll be lucky to avoid jail time given two charges. If you live on Spring Street why do you have a car at Open Pantry on Regent? Badger Cab is so cheap, it's ridiculous to drive that drunk.

So glad to see he's making the most of his ACADEMIC scholarship by not even bothering to enroll in classes this semester. The marginal benefit of classes must have been negative since the marginal costs to him were ZERO (other than his time which he was supposedly using to prepare for the draft while not drunk or hungover). And now he has no chance of being drafted. Could have passed AD for 2nd all time in rushing yards (not that it means as much not that they play 13 games/season).