Friday, March 13, 2009

Request for Answer to Trivia Question

What is UW's record in games when Bo gets a technical?

Seriously, it can't be good. Anyhow, another game, another horribly unclutch and crucial cold stretch, another late lead dissolves. Bummer, another thing that could have redeemed the season--- winning the Big Ten tournament-- crossed off the list. Time to look ahead to the tournament. Yeah, I'm coming around now to the "seriously, they should get in camp." They were fourth in the league. You going to let in Penn State or Michigan but not them? Come on, now.

Maybe they'll be a ten seed now. That'd be excellent. (See below.) With the added plus that UW could finally put those annoying Marquette taunts--- "When is Bo going to win a game against a higher seed?"-- to rest.


nate said...

i havent looked at the at large bids available, but i'd be astounded if we deserve one of them. i cant believe people just have us in.
i don't see it. we have 1 decent win all year. VA Tech. maybe @ penn st. and those teams are on the bubble. minnesota should get in over us.
what are heartless bunch of bullshitters. booooring. didnt watch the game. didnt have to. who was gonna make a statement? landry? yeah right. i havent looked at the stats yet but i bet bohannon had 4 points (all free throws) 1 reb. and 1 personal foul.

Hopped Up said...

Bohanon running away from his missed 3 pointer at the end of the game was brutal. Would have had an easy rebound and could have chucked up another one. Awful loss. Somehow the SoS is making everyone put them in the tourney, but it doesn't seem like they deserve it (and is only so high due to the 3 losses to UConn, Marquette and Texas). And putting them in over the Gophers seems like a stretch. Just disappointing to see the juniors and seniors come up small down the stretch again. Been the story of the season it seems. The wins over Illinois and Ohio State are about their only quality ones in conference and the loss at Iowa was a stinker (not to mention shitting the bed at Michigan State and Minnesota). Minny's win over Louisville is better than any of Bucky's and their worst loss was at Northwestern (and a drubbing in East Lansing). Given that they beat us twice, I don't know see how they don't go in over Bucky.

Mr.Man said...

I think Minnie should get in, despite their weak non-conference schedule (excepting Louisville (missing some key guys) in Minneapolis). I just think UW should get in ahead of PSU, and perhaps ahead of Michigan, given that they swept both those teams. Wins at both of those teams are pretty high quality.

Elliott Gansner said...

I expected you to already have posted an update with reaction to our actual seeding, #12 facing Florida St. in the first round. Keep up with the news buddy. Come on.

nate said...

elliot gansner ladies and gentlemen.