Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Glimmer of Hope

This years Badger basketball team has been among the most consistent in resent memory. Consistently beatable. Formulaic in their losing: Run their system; control tempo; build a lead; choke/get out-coached at the end of games. Clock-worrrr..urr.r..
Now, after squeaking into the field of 65 with a hilarious 12 seed which they don't deserve, Badger faithful prepare to watch them get high-jumped by a team which was competing for an ACC title well into February. I guess it's better this way.
But there is little reason to believe that our beloved Badgers, who have shown next to no heart all season long, will all of a sudden sack-up for the NCAA tournament. That is... Until now.
Perhaps Carl Landry's Shot in the leg is just the shot in the leg Marcus Landry will need. You know what they say, "one Landry's terrifying brush with death is another Landry's reason to get his head out of his ass." Too true. Not that it guarantees an inspired performance, but I'm sure Carl will be in Boise supporting his brother, and we all know how Marcus likes as many family members as possible at his games. Thank you, Carl. God bless you. And know that the next two weeks of your season died for your brother's apparent disinterest in the game of basketball.
Seriously get well Carl, and tell your brother that it's his last chance to accomplish something in an otherwise very forgettable senior season.


Mr.Man said...

Just checking, but the "Glimmer of Hope" is that Landry will be extra motivated by his older brother getting shot in the leg?

Maybe if that extra motivation made him grow five inches, I'd see a glimmer of hope. FSU has three guys 6'9" or taller that get major minutes. Motivation won't make Landry more able to post up guys who are significantly bigger.

nate said...


its not the size of the dog in the fight andy...

ok youre right. i'm just trying to be optimistic. dammit we got the late game!!

Randy Moss said...