Thursday, March 19, 2009


We are here, We are gears, get used to it. 

Where the hell can I go on the internet to get some good ole fashioned homer journalism? Everybody is down on the Badgers. I love this #12 seed. On Selection Sunday I was nervous after the first two regions went by. Then we got the #12 and that meant we almost missed the tourney.

But hi ho! We made it and we get an ACC team. Fine by me as long as its not the big 2. This feels like an 8-9 matchup to me except that if we win we get the #4 not the #1. So I'm excited and I think we can play.

Everybody seems convinced we're gonna take it on the chin. But I don't. (what, that isn't enough for you?) Okay also Vegas doesn't. We're 2.5 point dogs. That means it's even almost and I can see why. We may be unclutch, but we're sticky. I think we can easily stick with these guys and hopefully shut them down.

Anyway, I'll have some rose colored glasses analysis for you tomorrow. 

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Mr.Man said...

The Communist Times' quasi-homer journalism isn't enough for you? Although I'm pessimistic about the ultimate outcome (almost entirely due to Douglas and UW's horrid unclutchness), I think this match-up is a lot closer than the seeds. More like a 7-10 game. FSU really got no favors. Hell, they made it to the ACC championship game, and then got sent to Boise. That's a long way from the Emerald Coast.

One hope is that though FSU plays man-to-man, they apparently aren't a pressure defense, like Purdon't. They tend to sit back and clog the lane. This should help matters, I think, although it may mean the entire game rests on how UW shoots from outside.