Saturday, March 21, 2009


Much needed.
That game was the exact opposite of every big game that the Badgers had played all season. Slow start; two come backs from 7 or more down; clutch shooting and rebounding; effective substitutions; great play calling and execution at the end of the game and in over time; and most importantly a FINISH.

A couple observations:

I felt like FSU's fatal mistake was not maintaining their defensive intensity in the second half. This might have been due to an active offense that frankly tired them out by the end. Maybe that was why we got as many open threes as we did. Or maybe it was because we were bombing from 40 feet.

Jason Bohannon's clutch 3's were not only huge tonight, but they are huge for next year. He seemed to be battling on and off with confidence problems all season. Can't think of a better time to get over those.

Being the 12 seed was nice. It sounded like we were getting the support of the neutral fans that were there. It helped late.

We should've won in regulation. Douglas fell. That was a horrible call.

Keaton Nankivil was the only thing that could've happened to that game. He has a certain switch that I haven't seen since Ty Calderwood. Yeah, I just said that. When he's hot he needs to be shooting everything. He's legit. I eat my words in regards to Keaton Nankivil. I love Keaton Nankivil. Too bad he didn't touch the court for the last 3 weeks of the season (including 0 minutes in the Big Ten Tourney match-up w/ Ohio St.).

Bo's clearout for Hughes after Douglas' 3, when he shuffled the ball down to Taylor to get within 1, was an odd play. It looked like poor communication by FSU. Nonetheless, Bo made his time-outs count down the stretch. The execution was refreshing.


Not to be hack about the apparent lack of emphasis put on academics at Florida State University, but did you pay attention to the majors on some of their players? There were several good ones, but the best belonged to Jordan Demercy, who is getting his degree in "Recreation and Leisure administration". Might as well say water park techniciary. Gorgeous. Two losses to FSU in one year would've been rough.

Bring on the Jesuits!


Anonymous said...

Excellent commentary as usual. When your insights and wit are contrasted with the hackneyed inanities of the professional commentariat, one wonders how those morons can be employed.


(1) the win over FSU was the rare (only?)victory this season over a team that was "considered" better than the Badgers. I.e., we actually beat a team we were supposed to lose to.

(2) when the 'Noles were drawing up their last play (yeah, that thing they did with 2 seconds left was actually a play!), the head coach was seated on a stool, looking exhausted and out of ideas, while the assistant-with-more-grease-on-his-hair-than-Gene-Keady drew up the play on his dry board. Maybe FSU has a retro hair styling major.

Papa Sal said...

I am jealous of all of you who got to watch the game. Why did I sign up for this whole residency thing again?

Can't wait to watch the grainy footage online.

Mr.Man said...

I too saw the FSU assistant diagramming and explaining the play. That also struck me as odd.

Douglas seems Ben Gordon esque, except more interested in playing defense. He should be a solid, undersized shooting guard off the bench guy in the pros.

It was great to see the kids hit big shots. A big weight off. First time Bo Ryan's UW team has ever beat a higher seed in the tourney. So you can shut up with that Marquette fans.

Randy Moss said...

papa sal and everyone, go to
scroll to basketball then go to audio/video.
theres all the highlights, from a great angle, on a great camera
synced to hilarious music.
watch away.
i watched it 4 times last night.

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