Wednesday, March 04, 2009

How did this crap get in my bed?

Good Lord. That was 38 terrible minutes of officiating followed by 2 terrible minutes of basketball by the Badgers.

Did we hire a PAC10 ref squad or something? Four of the Badgers first three "fouls" in the second half barely counted as contact in the Sparty game. This was follwing several phantom travelling calls in the first half. Nevertheless, Bucky showed some pluck in the mid-2nd half and mede me think that they had turned the corner on the season...come from behind, adjust to the crappy officiating and take what the opposing team is giving you.

Then the last two minutes happened. Not only did we stop doing what was working, we stopped doing anything. I understand milking the clock with the lead, but keep running the offense. Standing around and watching Pop jack up a jumper is not the swing, and Pop is not Devin Harris. We threw away a game I thought we were going to ice.

Oh, and what is with that M-I-N-N-E-S-O-T-A cheer? If you are going to have a chant, make it short and catchy. Cal Tech's swim team speeled out all of California Institute of Technology, but that was a nod to their nerdiness. (Funny for the first minute or so.) Stupid Gophers.


nate said...

louer's officially garbage.

Mr.Man said...

My favorite Cal Tech cheer was:
"3.14549! Secant, Tangent, Sine, Cosine!"

First time the Badgers have been swept by the Goofs since '92. Ouch. Also, someone take away Westbrook's magical badger-killing medallion.