Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fair to Middlin'

UW men's basketball played a relatively uninspired game against UW-Green Bay last night. Finals are looming for the team, and they seemed a bit distracted. They did manage to shoot 50%, garner 16 offensive boards, and hold UW-Green Bay to only 33% shooting. But a lot of their makes were put-backs off missed jump shots (they missed ten 3-pointers and made only three), they missed 35% of their free throws headlined by Hughes' 5 of 12 from the line, committed 15 turnovers, and allowed the Phoenix to grab 14 offensive rebounds. In all, the second-chance points and the good defense allowed them to pull out an 18 point win. A victory, and there were some good performances (especially by the Hoft on the boards and by Gullickson), but not really a step forward.

The Packers take on the Rams this afternoon in St. Louis. The stupid RCA dome still brings to mind Favre's six-interception typhoon of crap in the second round of the playoffs about five years ago. The Rams are injury wracked, especially with the loss of Orlando Pace, but Marc Bulger is set to play and when healthy he's probably a top ten quarterback in the league. And the Packers pass defense has not really proven it can shut down top flight opposition. The Rams, mind you, still have Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt, Drew Bennett, and Stephen Jackson in the backfield. So unless the Jolly-less d-line can get consistent pressure on Bulger, the Packers will have to outscore the Rams and control the clock. I think they can do this, as the Rams really don't have any difference makers on defense. But be prepared to see the Rams score some points through the air, especially as the Packers run an informal tryout between Rouse, Blackmon, Frank Walker, and Tramon Williams for the nickel back spot, with Bush missing this game due to injury.

Finally, more gloomy new on the UW football injury front, one of UW's bright young freshman, cornerback Aaron Henry, will miss the bowl game and spring practice with a torn ACL. You may remember he replaced Allen Langford when Allen tore his own ACL against OSU. So UW will essentially be starting its fourth cornerback against Tennessee. Uh oh.

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