Monday, December 10, 2007

Please Help-- Need Picture Of JaMarcus Russell in Mummy Costume

That is, I need a picture of him in the outfit he was wearing on the sidelines on Sunday. I hope people who saw the game know what I'm talking about-- Russell was so over-swaddled in clothing the only visible part of his body was his eyes. I know Mr. First-Pick-Of-The-Draft is from Louisiana, but what a sissy. As ESPN's TMQ might say, the football gods were not pleased with this sad lack of toughness. Bad karma, JaMarcus.

Speaking of whom, the woman and I were having an amusing time this weekend thinking of variants on JaMarcus's name. That means anything replacing the first letters of each "part" of JaMarcus's unique name. Some favorites were CaTarcus Mussell, MaNarcus Bussell, and, of course, QuParcus Zussell.

More making fun of Russell from Bay Area columnist Tim Kawakami (still no picture though!):

"Anyway, the quintessential scene of the day, for me, was watching rookie JaMarcus Russell slowly and reluctantly peel off his parka, then his ski mask, then his wool cap, when there was a thought to get him into the game late in the fourth quarter. I don't mean to pick on Russell, since I do believe he represents most of what's fascinating and optimistic about this franchise's future and he'd never been in cold weather before this trip. But . . . at that moment in the blowout, Russell talked to a coach, bent his legs stiffly and very unconvincingly, then - by my read - very happily retreated to the mask, the cap and the parka once he got word that he wouldn't be coming in. Ever been in cold like that, JaMarcus? 'Not that cold - damn it was cold,' Russell said later. 'It was all right though. If you have to play in it, you have to play in it.' Kiffin said he contemplated putting Russell into the game after giving Andrew Walter a series after taking out the banged up and sick Josh McCown. But Kiffin considered the score, the weather and the pass protection issues, and reconsidered. I wonder if he also looked into Russell's eyes - if he could see them through the mask and the glaze."

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