Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Justin Harrell

Justin got some playing time this week, recording 3 combined tackles and no solos. McCarthy had generally positive things to say during his press conference. That makes me feel better for some reason.

McAwesome was also pretty amped up about Will "the Jamaican" Blackmon. I've been starting Mr. Blackmon at PR for the Packers in my Madden season, so I've had that nicknamed cued (queued?) up for awhile now and couldn't be happier about his effect on the real field this weekend. One of the things that went slightly under the radar after the Cowboy game was the startling discrepancy between our return game and the Cowboys return game. The Cowboys were a threat to score every time we kicked off, and they ended up with ridiculous field position all game. Special Teams can be the difference between 2 good teams, and in my opinion their ridiculous returns had as much to do with the Packer loss as did the outright homer game the refs piled on. So listen, Mon! Hopefully the Jamaican can spark up our return game, mon!  

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Mr.Man said...

Right. It makes me feel decent, because (A) Jolly may be out for the season and Cole is already out so the team needs decent D-line depth, and (B) it's nice to see your first round draft pick actually contribute and show some potential. Must we mention the name "Jamal Reynolds"?

The special teams coverage in Dallas was embarrassing. It was bad against the Lions as well. Korey Hall was the man on coverage against the Raiders.