Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Random Notes

My roommates went to the Wisconsin BBall game versus Duke in Durham. Apparently there are no lights there, so the campus was pitch black. Additionally, there were no bars on campus. Pre-gaming occurred at a hotel bar somewhere nearby. Get a rental car with GPS, prepare to have no fun outside the stadium, and prepare to have your squad get annihilated inside the stadium if you plan to visit. Go Badgers.

During that game, at some point in the first half, but after the onslaught was ongoing and forcing adrenaline into my hate cortex, I yelled out loud that I just wanted Stiemsma to hurt somebody. Within 2 minutes our boy smashed Singler onto the ground where from he got up bleeding from the eye. Go Badgers.

Thank you for my Tennessee Sausages. Phat Phil Phulmer is nice and plump and ready for the griddle.

Regarding the Packers new president, I love the analysis here at the Camp: Postulating that his ugliness verifies that he earned the job based on intellectual merit. I always thought ugliness was the result of bad breeding and poor hygiene. We report, you decide.


Mr.Man said...
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Mr.Man said...

Dude, my theory is so right, it hurts. Unattractive people have to work that much harder to get where they are because no one wants them around. Hot folks have it way easier.

Trust me, next time you get your hair cut, avoid the hot high school drop out with the multiple facial piercings and ask for the grandma with the harelip.

Applying this theory to the Packers' CEO job is tough though, because Green Bay is not Malta. In fact, it probably has the least attractive population of any other NFL city. Just walk through the parking lot outside Lambeau-- it becomes very obvious. So maybe the board has GB goggles, and Murphy appeared to be a strapping fellow to their distorted eyes.