Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Poop Again

The Packers just placed Johnny Jolly on injured reserve, meaning he's done for the season. Johnny injured his shoulder in the victory against the Panthers a few weeks ago. The team is now down two DTs, as both Colin Cole and Mr. Jolly are out for the season. We better hope that Harrell keeps developing. Jolly had really become a player this season, and this loss will hurt.

Also, the UW men's basketball team plays tonight at UW-Milwaukee in what is sure to be a raucous affair. But unless you live in Milwaukee, the stupid game is only available on ESPN's ridiculous internet channel- ESPN 360. Grade A Baloney, I say. The Worldwide Leader is evil. Fru-eets of the Dee-vil.

1 comment:

Randy Moss said...

dammit. so what-did he tear a ligament? rotator cuff. he'll be good for us for the next 2 years. we should still keep corey williams. keeping what we got makes us better.