Monday, July 28, 2008

And another thing...

Lost in this Favre mess is the Ryan Grant situation. It seems strange that a guy who put together 1/2 to 2/3 of a season up last year, after doing nothing previously in his career, is holding out for a contract. Is he overly concerned that he isn't good enough to repeat his success? Is his agent an asshole who actually thinks that this is a good way to endear your client to his team/fans?

Note to Ryan Grant: T.O. is not a good role model. Just show up and practice in good faith while you work out a new deal. Surely we would have heard if the Packers were refusing to negotiate with you, so why use a holdout as your first strategy? It looks selfish, not Favre selfish, but selfish nonetheless. We need a solid presence behind AR, so please come and get ready for the season.

Oh...and the argument that Favre has earned the right to his behavior is BS. Nobody earns the right to be a selfish baby by being a Hall of Famer. Barry Sanders wasn't a selfish baby, nor was Walter Peyton. If the Lions and Bears get unselfish franchise players, why can't we?

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Mr.Man said...

I think that's a bit harsh on Grant. He appears to easily be the best back on the team. If he doesn't get a long term deal done, he plays this season for about 400 grand, which is very little in the NFL world. The Packers should give him a pretty solid bonus, relatively low base pay and a lot of incentives.

That said, the comments his agents has made range from reasonable (saying Grant deserves at least as much money as Poppinga just got) to absurd (saying Grant should get somewhere around a 40 million dollar contract like Devin Hester, the greatest punt returner in the history of football).