Sunday, July 27, 2008

Things Just Get Uglier

Today, Favre ranted to ESPN's Chris Mortensen about the current status between him and the Packers and continued to demand his release. He did say something, which, if true, changes how I feel about this whole situation. Which is, that the Packers were not interested in having him compete for the job, at least not now. If it's true, that's disappointing. I hope if Favre had said he was willing to come back and compete for the job in June, that the response would have been different. Maybe now they just feel it would be too much of a spectacle and hurt the team as a whole and they feel Favre and Rodgers are relatively even and it won't be worth the headache. Or they think that Favre can't finish a season at a high level anymore. Or they think Rodgers will be better in the long run and aren't interested in undermining him. When this all pans out a few years down the road, it'll be interesting to see what the team's thinking really was.

Anyhow, this whole thing stinks. Favre should quit demanding his release and start working with the team on a trade. The team should agree to some reasonable consideration-- maybe a decent DT and a mid-round pick. And you're not going to the Vikings, Brett. Anywhere else is possible though. Get permission to work the phones and get on it. Bring this embarassing saga to an end.

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Papa Sal said...

Now we can be pissed at Favre and Thompson. I'm sure the truth lies somewhere in between the two differeing stories. Each man is clearly looking out for himself at the expense of the other, and neither seems willing to relent.

I wanted to vomit when I read Wojihooha's column on ESPN, as he has been consistently a Favre apologist throughout this whole ordeal. I much prefer McGinn's take, that the Pack needs to think about more than this year, but Thompson has played this so poorly it makes me wonder if he may have difficulty getting people to stay in the future, or come in the first place.

The biggest losers in all of Packers fans have had the luxury, not only of on-field success, but off-field classiness. Even through contract hold-outs, statutory rape scandals, and 4-12 debacles. Now we get this and it sucks. I can only hope that when they get back on the field, all this will go away.