Saturday, July 12, 2008

An Excellent Post

Is from Tom Silverstein at the Journal-Sentinel. I'm sure I'm coming across as anti-Favre and as a management defender. But that's because I'm offended by his selfish wishy-washy behavior, this from a guy who I defended as being all about winning when people mocked him for chasing passing records, and because the team refuses to say how it acted in this saga. Everything is coming from his surrogates, people who are purely self-motivated, folks who are heavily biased or have heard only one portion of the story-- his moronic brother, his mom, his "journalist" friend in Biloxi who obviously owes his livelihood to Brett, his agent who is desperately trying to salvage Favre's image so he can get a cut of more ad deals. You just can't trust these people. Where's Deanna? I trust her. She's been with him all along. These other guys have been sitting around in Mississippi spending his money. Where's Brett himself? Let him speak for himself if he wants to trash the team, the coaches and the management. Man up.

And I want the organization to publicly say what steps they've taken and what they've done. Now. I'm a shareholder, I own a stake in the franchise. Explain what happened. Favre is deliberately harming the team's image. Enough. Defend yourself.

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Papa Sal said...

I agree, Mr. Man. This whole situation stinks of selfishness. As far this "Brooks" character sayig AR is a 3rd stringer at best, he clearly did not watch the Dallas game. The Pack looked terrible in that game right up until Brett got hurt and AR came in. From then on I believe the Packers outplayed the Boys, at that point the best team in the NFC, primarily due to Rodgers's decision making. He may not be flashy, he's also probaly not Steve Young to Favre's Montana, but he is going to be a more than capable QB.