Thursday, July 31, 2008

Here's How You Make Favre Stay Retired

So most Packer fans have heard today's ridiculous and anonymous report that the Packers offered Favre somewhere in the realm of $20 million over ten years to stay retired. And I assume that most, if not all, Packer fans were repelled by the news. While this story may have been taken out of context (I'm guessing the Packers might have been concerned that Favre was unretiring because he needed money), if anything it reaffirmed that the Packers' brass strongly wants Favre to stay retired, far more than it wants to trade him or have him back-up Rodgers.

If that's true, there seems to be an easy way out-- trade Favre to a team he won't play for. He'll then pull a Jake Plummer: he'll refuse to show up for training camp and he'll stay retired. While this might burn any remaining goodwill with Favre, it'll do the trick and it'll cost far less than $20 million. Now the team might not get much in return, but so what? The point is to make him stay retired. And they could probably get some conditional compensation. A sixth round pick, let's say, with escalators that go up if Favre actually plays for whatever team that takes him. Hell, the Packers could even pay some of Favre's salary to make the whole thing go down a little easier for the receiving team. Again, it would cost a heck of a lot less than 20 million bucks and accomplish the same goal.

Of course, what's to stop the team who trades for Favre from eventually releasing him? (And having him end up on the Vikings.) Nothing, but why would a team release a player who's retired? He doesn't cost that team anything.

I know, this is hardball. It would mean Favre wouldn't be one of the team's happy, waving to the crowd, retired veterans like Willie Wood and Bart Starr, at least not for several years, or until Thompson and Murphy are gone. But if they really, desperately want to keep him retired, and he refuses not to come back, why not do it?


Randy Moss said...

no other team is going to do our dirty work for us and not release a legend when he's trying to play.
i'm getting really annoyed by the packers at this point.
is this whole thing his doing? mostly. but so what. he's made the state and the team billions of dollars and he's forcing us to do something that is not in line with a strategy our general manager wants to implement. but he's brett fucking favre. if he's forcing us to do something, we kind of have to do it.
make him play 2 more years and trade rodgers. worst case scenario he makes it through a season once or twice and turns into drew brees.
if he leaves the packers, i think its clear he'll do anything he can to get traded to the vikings.
that will be disgusting.
he's got 2 years left in him just fucking play him. he still makes THE MOST AMAZING PLAYS IN THE NFL. theyre acting like they know aaron rodgers is going to be an MVP. fuck this. i love what TT does, but he shouldve caved last week. this looks awful.

Mr.Man said...

Why would another team release him? We're the only organization he has any leverage with. The other team wouldn't do it because it would realize that it'd be gifting the rest of the league.

Papa Sal said...

You're wrong, randy. As per my previous post, he does not get whatever he wants just because he's Brett F. Favre. Plus, there is no way he wants to play for the Packers anymore. Not after this debacle.

I say endure the media circus and let him report. I foolishly took TT at his word and thought he would let Favre come back and sit, knowing it would drive him crazy and he would eventually re-retire. In reality, the Packers do hold all the cards. TT has totally blown it, but I think allowing Brett to report and sit is the best option.

3000 said...

I'm curious (and too lazy to find out) as to how that $20 mil would work against the Packers. I heard that it would by $2 mil/year for 10 years. Would that count towards their team salary? Would he be on the front office pay roll as a consultant or something?

I wonder how "hush money" is accounted for in the NFL....

Mr.Man said...

Apparently it'd be compensation for a long term PR deal. Take a look here---
I read somewhere that the Dolphins did some sort of similar deal with Marino after he retired.