Wednesday, July 16, 2008


A bit of Greta Van Susteren's interview with Favre follows. Unfortunately, this portion reveals that this is a total puff piece, since Van Susteren refuses to follow up on really important issues. I'm going to add my proposed questions in bold and contained within brackets. .

GVS: I know you haven't made any decisions, but is going back to Green Bay an option and being the backup quarterback at this point?
BF: Going back and being a backup quarterback? No.
[Why not? What's so wrong about being a back-up? Haven't many great quarterbacks ended their careers as back-ups? Throughout your career it seems as if you've been opposed to mentoring younger quarterbacks on the roster. Is that true? If so, why is that?]

GVS: What about competing for starting quarterback?
BF: Why?

GVS: I'm just asking.
BF: That's what I would ask them: 'Why?' 'Well, Brett, you retired. You know what I mean?'
[You did retire, so don't you think you might need to show the team that you're still the best option by competing? Why not be open to competing? Are you not confident in your ability to beat out Rodgers? Don't other players have to compete for their spots all the time? I know you're coming off a good season, but you're turning 39 this fall and you missed all of the offseason practices, so why shouldn't you have to compete? On the other hand, why should the Packers just give you your starting spot back?]

GVS: Allowing them to trade you so that they get something in return?
BF: It's hard to imagine. But if I'm going to play, I mean obviously I would have to agree to whoever it is. And I'm sure they're not going to do it with a big rival or a competitor or whatever. But that may be our only option. I don't know what else to do.
[Would you be opposed to the Packers trading you to a competitive team in the AFC? If you are traded, do you expect you'll have to compete for the starting job whereever you go? Or do you expect to be given the starting job on any team?]


Randy Moss said...

i think hes getting money from disney (ABC-ESPN). this is generating %20 of their programming in the most boring sports month of the year. fox just wanted a taste.
if it is real, then i side with ted thompson. fuck all this crap. it is going to be a dark decade if we run that guy out of green bay just because we arent ready for favre to be gone. he did not have to retire, he should not have retired.
he should shut up and go earn his job back.
fucking hillbilly.

Mr.Man said...