Monday, July 07, 2008

The Favre Situation

When it's a slow period in the sporting world, small things can get blown out of proportion. That's my take, at least, on the various Favre stories reporting on his "itch" to play again. Of course people who spend most of their lives doing one activity, really enjoy it, and then retire will have urges to go back. It happens and it passes. That's what I think is going on. Not something to get too concerned about.

Still, though Peter King tends to be a little too happy-doodle-everybody's-buddy for me, this column, which assumes that Favre wants to come back and analyzes that situation, makes many good points, too many to not pass along.

If what King assumes is true is true, if Favre really does want to come back, here's my take. I loved and resented and was awed by Brett. He's the best football player I've ever seen in person. But everyone has a time. It sounds like he's bored and his extended retinue down in Mississippi (not his wife or his kids) is hectoring him to return, probably so they can continue spending his $12 million paycheck without any supervision.

To remedy the first factor, he should find something to do with himself. I suggest philanthropy. Brett is one of the most famous people in America, and could back almost any charity or cause and give it instant attention and credibility. He needs to pick a meaningful cause and get behind it. I'd suggest promoting an increase in the federal gasoline tax, ("Pay the national debt, not state sponsors of terrorism!") but that'd probably be too unpopular, especially in the rural South. Anyhow, choose a worthy cause and get seriously involved. Get a real life. Then, tell your parasitic retinue to get lives of their own. Buy your mother her own nice little house-- somewhere at least a two hour drive away. Tell your brothers and cousins and other assorted hangers-on that they have three months, and then they need to be out on their own-- no more sleeping over and no more handouts. Time for everyone to grow up.

If you, Brett, are really serious about playing one more year, agree to a trade to a legitimate contender (the Bucs and the Ravens would be good options). If Rodgers gets hurt or flops, a trade might be a huge boondoggle for the team, but it's the best way to go. And that's because Brett, with his sharp fade down the stretch last season, doesn't appear to have the capacity to take a team to the Super Bowl and win anymore. Especially not a team with a questionable pass defense like the Packers. I think this last season showed that he's probably just too old to handle the extended demands of a Super Bowl run. Spending a spring and summer sitting on a riding mower and playing catch with high schoolers won't help matters either. Hopefully, it won't come to a trade, and Brett will relax and stay retired.

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