Tuesday, July 29, 2008

NFL Trade Rules

So we all know that the Packers don't want to deal Favre within the division, and must of us agree with that stance. But does anyone know how the NFL trade rules work? Can an NFL team trade for a player and then trade them again? Can we trade Favre to the Dolphins, and then watch the Dolphins trade him to the Vikings? Is there a rule against this? 

Even if there is, what if Favre is traded to the Dolphins and he tanks? He's washed up, so the Dolphins release him. Can other teams (Vikings) then swoop in and pick him up off waivers?


Randy Moss said...

he's gonna be out there, and he's gonna be pissed. he's totally gonna be a viking. its totally gonna happen. its gonna be terrible. and i'm gonna root for nick barnett to body slam him.
through tears.
and nacho cheese.

BratsNBeerGuy said...

There would be conditions in any trade to prevent the other team from turning around and trading Favre elsewhere. For example, they might trade him for a third round pick but it would become a first round pick if he's traded to the Vikings this year or next year.

As for the other team cutting him, they could include incentives in the deal (cash, draft picks) to keep him on the roster. If he were to be cut for legitimate reasons, though -- ie he really can't play anymore -- then I doubt anyone would go after him.

Mr.Man said...

If he's released, yes, another team could sign him.

Another team could retrade him, but from comments I've seen from Packer beat writers, it looks like the Pack could include some clauses that would make it impossible for the new team to trade him.

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