Friday, July 18, 2008

That's Why They Pay Them

There's been a lot of talk in recent years about how the media and newspapers are outdated, and that internet bloggers do just as good a job with commentary and news. Personally, I think, in regard to news, that's a colossal bunch of hooey-- people sitting in their basements and cubicles aren't out there taking pictures, talking to witnesses and gathering facts. Society needs reporters collecting news and needs more of them, now more than ever, as the world gets to be a more complex, more crowded, and more conflicted place.

As far as commentary goes, I sort of see the point though. You read guys like Gregg Doyle on CBS Sportsline or a Rick Morrissey in the Chicago Tribune, think "Hell, those guys don't know what they're talking about! They're just trying to draw attention! I know more of the facts then they do!" and wonder how they make a living off of this stuff. But then a real journalist drops a quality commentary, informed by their experience and knowledge, and you understand why he or she gets paid for their words, and you're sitting in your basement in your underware. Jason Wilde's piece on the Favre saga is that type of solid commentary-- coming from a beat reporter who really understands the facts. See here. Well done, Jason.

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Papa Sal said...

Amen. Can we forward this to NFL Live at ESPN so they can read it and shut the f*** up abou it? If Trey Wingo says, "Well, I guess that's all we can say about the Favre situation." again, I'm going to vomit.