Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Badger Spring Football

So the UW Badgers men's football team has begun its spring practice, culminating in the April 19th Spring Game. I think most of us know the main issues the team needs to face-- injury problems and thinness at defensive line and cornerback, under-performance at safety, inexperience at wide receiver, a new QB to break in, and a happy log-jam at running back where there seems to be a ton of talent.
Personally, I'm hoping the coaches come to their senses and start Jay Valai at safety, that some of the back-up cornerbacks, like Mario Goins and Otis Merrill, emerge as starter capable guys, that Evridge is an improvement over Donovan, that a few receivers, like Daven Jones and Isaac Anderson, break out, and that the rag-tag defensive line (now that it looks like Newkirk and DeCremer are out) develops. Also, like most folks, I'm intrigued to see the development of several back-ups that were highly reputed recruits. To that end, here are some stories to pass around--
- A Lucas piece on John Clay.
- A Journal-Sentinel bit on former receiver, now tight end Lance Kendricks.
- A State-Journal piece on Nick Toon.


Papa Sal said...

I have to root for Nick Toon since I taught him in swimming lessons 12 years ago.

Also...Long Live The Crazy Legs Run!

Randy Moss said...

can pj hill play tackle?

Papa Sal said...

Only if he loses a few pounds.

Mr.Man said...