Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's Michigan Tomorrow

Michigan is the process of wrapping up a first round victory over Iowa in a battle of the-struggling-and-new-but-highly-experienced-coaches. This makes me a bit nervous, given how closely Michigan played UW in Madison about seven weeks ago. I thought that game might be a turning point for them and they'd finally put it together, but they've continued to be up (beating OSU) and down (losing at home to Northwestern) since. Any predictions?


Randy Moss said...

we grind them down, win by 10 and then do the same to the next two teams and win this tournament. no one in this tournament can fuck with us.

Papa Sal said...

Okay, Nostrada-Moss. Let's see if the rest of your prediction comes true.

Randy Moss said...

i love papa sal. i predict papa sal will be dancing on msu's face today. dance i say... dance!

i would love to see bronson guard neitzel in a blowout.